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Switzerland enjoys many advantages thanks to its favourable geographical location. One of these are its schools. In multilingual Switzerland, multicultural education has always been a compelling subject. The importance of education spanning language barriers grew immensely as a result of ever increasing international relationships, worldwide mobility and an increasing number of migrants coming into the country such that private schooling now makes a vital contribution to the country’s social fabric. Approximately 100’000 students and pupils from Switzerland, as well as from over 100 different nations, attend the 240 member schools of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS).

The excellent reputation of Swiss educational centres is due to various factors. Not only, lengthy pedagogical experience but also the endemic multiculturalism of the country have been telling factors. Important factors are also the proverbial Swiss quality of the training systems, high living standards, openness and discretion (each according to the circumstances), and, not least in importance, the political stability of the country enabling sound security. The private establishments for training and further education fulfil an important supplementary function within the Swiss National education system, which is governed autonomously by each of the country’s 26 cantons. Thanks to these factors Switzerland offers differentiated and innovative educational opportunities, committed multilingualism, respect for other cultures and educational high standards of quality.

It may therefore be said that, Switzerland holds an important “trump card” internationally with regards to competition. It is very important that in our global world, training systems, diplomas and qualifications have to be comparable and recognisable. It is the aim of the SFPS to make the high value of these educational establishments even more well-known throughout the world. With our typically Swiss combination of public and private educational establishments we have a strong base from which to keep and develop the reputation worldwide of Switzerland as a centre of educational and research excellence.

May we wish you a successful training programme at one of our SFPS schools.