Private schools – personal – innovative – quality-conscious

Switzerland has many locational advantages – one of the most important are the schools. Multicultural education has always been a compulsory subject for multilingual Switzerland. Due to the increase in international relations and worldwide mobility as well as the growing number of people moving to Switzerland, training that transcends language barriers has become more important. The private schools make an important contribution here. Around 100,000 students and pupils from Switzerland and from over 100 different nations attend one of the 240 member schools of the Association of Swiss Private Schools.

The good reputation of training centers in Switzerland is based on various factors. The long pedagogical experience is decisive, but also the location in a multilingual country with different cultures. In addition, there is the proverbial Swiss quality in education, the high standard of living, openness on the one hand and discretion on the other, as well as the political stability of our country and the associated security. The private education and training institutions fulfill an important supplementary function to the state education system, which is under the sovereignty of the 26 cantons. Therefore, Switzerland embodies a differentiated and innovative range of education, which is committed to multilingualism, respect for other cultures and high educational quality.

This gives Switzerland an important trump card in international location competition. Important because in a global world, training paths and school degrees must be comparable and recognised. The aim of the Association of Swiss Private Schools is to make this and the high status of these educational institutions even better known throughout the world. With our typically Swiss combination of state and private educational offerings, we have a strong basis for maintaining and expanding Switzerland’s reputation as a place for education and research at home and abroad.

The FSPS is continuously committed to improving the political, economic and legal framework for private schools in Switzerland. He supports a differentiated right to free choice of school and a financing pluralism that creates an even playing field between state and private schools.

We wish you a successful training course at a FSPS school.