EXFOUR compensation offices

Since its foundation the SFPS (and before that its legal predecessor since 1966) has, together with 7 other branch organisations, participated at the management of the EXFOUR compensation fund offices. It is represented by several delegates in all bodies of the compensation fund offices and thus exercises its rights of co-determination. In this way it ensures that the interests of the SFPS members are protected in a sustainable and goal-oriented way. Today about 130 members of the SFPS with a total sum of salaries amounting to roughly 370 million francs profit from a variegated and cross-functional range of services offered by the EXFOUR compensation fund offices for themselves and their employees.

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The EXFOUR compensation offices

  • are active for you in all 26 Swiss cantons
  • give you support in DeutschFranzösischItalienisch and Englisch
  • offer a fully electronic solution for handling day-to-day business independent of place and hour of the day (connect)
  • are a competitive non-profit organisation
  • have advantageous risk communities owing to the wide diversification of our branch associations
  • have competent and helpful staff
  • offer short processing times

How the OASI compensation office specifically reduces your workload:

  • One annual statement with one contribution rate for administrative costs for all sites throughout Switzerland
  • Advantageous contributions to administrative costs with selective refunds
  • Noticeable and significant synergetic effects in the handling of the family allowances and the sickness indemnity insurance

How the family allowance office specifically reduces your workload:

  • We are the only compensation office in direct contact with your employees in matters of the determination and verification of entitlement to allowances.
    • Your benefit: You only receive the decision for payment or cessation of the family allowances
    • Your advantage: The contact with your employees and confidential data is compliant with data protection
  • Noticeable and significant financial and administrative relief of your HR services
  • All sites in all cantons are included in a single compensation statement once a year
  • Additional cantonal compensations are integrated in one single contribution rate and reduce the administrative workload noticeably
  • Advantageous contribution rates due to favourable risk communities

How the daily sickness indemnity office specifically reduces your workload:


  • Advantageous contribution rates owing to a non-profit management
  • Generous refunds when business is good
  • Relief from the obligation to continue to pay wages in case of sickness
  • Flexible insurance solutions regarding the daily indemnity amount and the deferral period
  • Close and individual support of the employees in the event of an insured event
  • Synergetic effects owing to the experience from the OASI and DI staff