Approximately 1.2 million insured persons and 27 000 corporate clients place their trust in SWICA. As a SWICA customer, you can rely on an expert health partner who actively supports and assists you throughout the healthcare process – both in preventive care and in cases of sickness and accidents. SWICA offers not only the conventional insurance option, but also comprehensive alternative insurance plans. You benefit from the best medicine and financial security with attractive premiums.

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PKG Caisse de retraite


PKG is an independent Pension Fund in Lucerne founded in 1972. Branch-Ratings place PKG among the most attractive Funds in Switzerland. The administration is handled in German, but all documents are translated in English, French and Italian. A full service is offered to the insured persons in their language.

Baumassurance SA has developed a choice of specific school plans to Private Schools in Switzerland.


Baumassurance SA

We have been active for more than 20 years in the Private Schools Market and have gained a wide experience over the years and since 2005 we have a cooperating agreement with SFPS (Swiss Federation of Private Schools). Further, Baumassurance SA is supporting the Foundation of the SFPS.

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Zurich assurance

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Swiss Federation of Private Schools was looking for innovative coverage for their member schools. Together with Baumassurance SA, Rolf Eberli Risikoberatungen and Zurich Insurance Company a specific solution was developed offering third party liability and D&O coverage different to standard offers on the Swiss market.



Since its foundation the SFPS (and before that its legal predecessor since 1966) has, together with 7 other branch organisations, participated at the management of the EXFOUR compensation fund offices. It is represented by several delegates in all bodies of the compensation fund offices and thus exercises its rights of co-determination. In this way it ensures that the interests of the SFPS members are protected in a sustainable and goal-oriented way. Today about 130 members of the SFPS with a total sum of salaries amounting to roughly 370 million francs profit from a variegated and cross-functional range of services offered by the EXFOUR compensation fund offices for themselves and their employees.

With a team of 30 employees the EXFOUR compensation fund offices want to support and relieve the employers, self-employed and insured affiliated to them and provide advice for the execution of numerous duties in a reliable and competent manner. The cooperation with the EXFOUR compensation fund offices is open to all SFPS members. The compensation fund offices are active throughout Switzerland. They assist their clients in German, in French, in Italian and, more and more, in English. To simplify the transaction of administrative tasks the compensation fund offices provide their own internet platform (PartnerWeb). Likewise our FAMILY COMPENSATION FUND OFFICE takes charge of the direct contact to beneficiaries and the related administrative tasks and monitoring of the entitlement to family allowances.