Service scolaire: The advisory office of the SFPS

Which schools are being suggested?

We do exclusively suggest schools which are member of the SFPS and which are listed up in the SFPS guide. The advisory office is being financed by the members of the SFPS, who pay an additional fee on the advertising costs in the SFPS guide as well as a contact fee of CHF 30.00 per submitted contact. A contact is specified as a submition of the name and address of the person interested in the school(s) according to their criteria. All in all approximately 400 inquiries from Switzerland and all over the world are registrated annually. We thereby have to mention that not every interested person wishes to get detailed information about our member schools but ask for the SFPS guide or other information regarding private schools. These contacts therefor do not lead to a specified contact.

The proceeding of school suggestions

A maximum of eight member schools are being suggested by the advisory office of the SFPS (more than eight schools are only suggested on an explicit demand). Only the schools that suit the given criteria by the interested person are being proposed. Such criteria are determined in the contact form or in a one-on-one consultation on the telephone. Such one-on-one consultations take place in cases in which individual concerns matters. But also special cases as for example the placement of a learning disabled child or a so called "one-on-one"-care etc. are being submitted in a consultative telephone conversation. Particular cases are only submitted after having consulted the respective schools.

National and international oriented contact points

Regarding private school suggestions, the advisory office also is a point of contact for internationally active major banks or other major companies. In this content the exigent international clients of these enterprises are being counseled and submitted to the private schools that suit their criteria.

In addition thereto we receive inquiries from interested persons from Switzerland and around the world. Further information and documentation services for journalists, students and public authorities belong to our supplied services.

The advisory office as marketing division of the SFPS

The advisory office serves as well as marketing division of the SFPS. On the one hand by the use of direct mail such as advertisment in print medias like the L'Hebdo, Le Temps, Sonntagszeitung etc. On the other hand via measures in public relations such as regular correspondence to embassies, companies or to attend congresses etc. On Internet the advisory office newly advertises in the Asian sector on and on other Swiss websites which are frequently visited abroad such as Premiumswitzerland ( and

The SFPS website and its electronic contact form (via e-mail, see link above) enjoys great popularity; aprox. 70% of all inquiries reach us accross this channel.


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