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Switzerland enjoys many advantages thanks to its favourable geographical location. One of the most important are its schools. In quadrilingual Switzerland, multicultural education has always been a compulsory subject. Increasing international relations, worldwide mobility as well as a soaring quantity of migrants in Switzerland, have made a language barriers overcoming education highly important. Private schools make a vital contribution to such a varied society.  Approximately 100’000 students and pupils from Switzerland and from over 100 different nations, attend one of the 240 member schools of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS).

The excellent reputation of Swiss schools is based on several factors such as a longtime pedagogic experience and the site in a multicultural as well as multilingual country. In addition thereto, "Swissness" in the field of education, a high standard of living, openness on one side and discretion on the other side as well as the political security of our country are part of the excellent reputation of Swiss schools. Private education and training establishments perform an important complementary function within the Swiss national education system, which is governed autonomous by each of the country’s 26 cantons. Therefore Switzerland represents a differentiated and innovative educational system, which is bound to multilingualism, respect for other cultures and a demanding quality in education.

For these reasons Switzerland holds all the aces in international competition. This has great importance in a global world, in which training systems and graduations have to be comparable and mutual acknowledged. It is the goal of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools to manifest and ensure the significant value of these educational establishments all over the world. According to our typical Swiss combination of public and private educational offers we have a powerful basis from which to keep and develop the reputation of Switzerland as a centre of educational and research excellence at home and abroad.

The SFPS is consistently lobbying for an improvement in the political, economic and legal framework requirement of the private schools in Switzerland. It is supporting a differentiated right to a free choice of schools and a financing pluralism, which helps to create an optimal equilibration between public and private schools.

We wish you a successful training course at one of our member schools.

The SFPS - Verband Schweizerischer Privatschulen VSP